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Affective Therapy - Leatherhead Surrey

This is the home page of my counselling and psychotherapy practice called Affective Therapy, which seeks to enhance emotional awareness and address a wide range of disturbing and distressing issues. Some of these, with links to relevant pages, include:

Alcohol & Drug abuse Post traumatic stress & symptoms
Depression Phobias
Anxiety Obsessive compulsive disorders
Physical & emotional abuse Relationships
Sexual abuse Divorce
Low self esteem Bereavement

Counselling and psychotherapy is for many a confusing arena. I keep it as simple as possible and address the underlying causes of personal disturbances, the emotions, the feelings and affects.

I integrate the established therapeutic models and include innovative therapies such as EMDR, details of which are set out and linked to from the menu bar at the top of this page.

I am especially concerned with affect, our biological innate reaction to any stimuli, and scripts, the different way we react, respond and behave to various affects. More information is available from the top menu bar and from the yellow sidebar on the right side of each page.

If you came to this site directly or indirectly from a search engine, such as Google, you will probably be interested to read some of the content. I invite you to explore from the links on this page the various topics such as alcohol, addiction, emotion, trauma & EMDR.

Then please e-mail or telephone to discuss any issues.

I am a Senior Accredited Member of British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (see link on right in yellow sidebar)